List of Dieties

Mya-Greater Goddess, NG, Dwarven Diety of Family, Clan and Wisdom. Favored Weapon: Morningstar. Allowed Weapons: Morningstar, quarterstaff, scourge, mancatcher, sling, whip, warhammer. Allowed Armor and shields: All

Major Spheres: All, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Protection Minor Spheres: Charm, Combat, Creation

Torm-Intermediate God, LN, God of Duty, Loyalty, Obdience and Truth. He is also the patron god of Paladins Favored Weapon: Long Sword Allowed Weapons: As Cleric, plus long sword and halberd and spears Allowed Armor and shields: All Holy Symbol: Gauntleted hand

Major Spheres: All, Charm, Combat, Guardian, Protection Minor Spheres: Healing

Granted Power:

Norgash-Lesser God, CN, Orcish Diety of Deceit and Trickery Favored Weapon: Short Sword Allowed Weapons: Same as Thief Allow Armor and shields: Same as Thief Holy Symbol: Two Orc hands in front of an Orc face

Major Spheres: All, Charm, Combat, Divination, Necromantic, Protection Minor Spheres: Creation, Guardian, Healing, Summoning, Sun(Only Cast reversed spells from this sphere)

Granted Power: Change Self 1/day

Orcus, Lesser God, CE, Demon God of the Undead Favored Weapon: Scythe Allowed weapons: Scythe, whip, sickle, mace, dagger, staff, sling, light crossbow Allowed Armor and shields: All shields, Padded Armor, leather armor, studded leather, ring armor, chain mail Holy Symbol: A humanoid pig-dead with horns

Major Spheres: All, Creation, Necromantic, Summoning, Sun(reverse spells only) Minor Spheres: Divination, Healing, Charm

Lord Shush, Demi-God, N, God of Shadows Favored Weapon: Stiletto Dagger Allowed weapons: Dagger, dirk, garrote, hand crossbow Allowed Armor and shields: Padded Armor, Leather Armor Holy Symbol: Black heart with a dagger through it, coming in from the upper right and leaving in the lower left from the POV of the viewer of the holy symbol

Major Spheres: All, Guardian, Sun Minor Spheres: Healing(reversed spells only), Protection,

Note: Priest has access to a spell that allows the caster’s shadow to act as a guardian for the caster

Belmond, LN, Lesser God, War God Favored Weapon: Claymore sword Allowed weapons: All non-blunt weapons Allowed Armor and shields: All Holy Symbol: Sword on a chain

Major Spheres: All, Combat, War Minor Spheres: Healing, Protection, Guardian, Law

Special Abilities: Uses the Warrior Thac0 advancement table

Abbathor, NE, Greater God, Dwarven god of Greed Favored Weapon: Dagger Allowed Weapons: As per the Thief Allowed Armor and shields: As per the Thief, plus shields Holy Symbol: Jeweled Dagger

Major Spheres: All, Charm, Guardian, Summoning, Divination Minor Spheres: Creation, Protection

Special Abilities: Pick Pockets, as per the Thief Ability; begins at 15%, and gains 5%/level. Apply racial and Dexterity adjustments. Can pick NWPs from the Rogue list at no additional cost.

Urdlen, The Crawler Below, CE, Lesser God, Gnomish God of Greed & Evil Favored Weapon: Dagger Allowed Weapons: Dagger, dirk, hand crossbow, dart, knife, sickle Allowed Armor and shields: Padded, Leather, Studded Leather Holy Symbol: White Mole

Major Spheres: All, Animal(only vermin/underground-related spells), Astral, Charm, Summoning, Sun(Reversed spells only) Minor Spheres: Creation, Elemental(Earth), Guardian, Healing

Special Abilities: 5% per combat encounter that can have Blur spell cast on self, at 13th level of ability.

Kubota, Guardian of the Dead, LN, lesser god of spirits Ability Requirements: Wis 15, Cha 14, Dex 13 Favored Weapon: Kusari-gami Allowed Weapons: Club, dart, footman’s mace, sai, kusari-gami, tetsubo, nunchuku, wakizashi, quarterstaff, three-piece rod, sling Allowed Armor and shields: Up to chain mail, no shields Holy Symbol: A garuda(a golden bird, similar to a phoenix) in front of a cloud

Major Spheres: All, Astral, Healing, Necromantic, Elemental

Minor Spheres: Protection, Guardian, Creation

Special Abilities: Turn Undead, Speak with dead 1/week

List of Dieties

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